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Junior Olympic Volleyball Program

Tryout Information

Tryout information has been posted below. Don't forget to register early! 


Ten players are placed on a team and all uniforms are included in the fees. Please read the description of each program offered. If you have additional questions, please contact Dana Hooper at 419-261-0067. 

Competitive Level Teams: 

Designed to offer players in 7th-10th grade the ability to be a part of a Glass City team with our known experienced coaching, competitive level teams compete at the regional level, practice one time a week, and participate at five local tournaments. The season begins the third week of January and will conclude by May 1st. All competitive level players are also offered the conditioning component at no extra cost. Program Cost: $755.00

Primary Volleyball:

3rd and 4th graders wishing to play volleyball will find a great experience on this Junior Olympic team. Practices. which are twice a week for an hour and half, will begin in late January and conclude in early May. This team will also compete in four local tournaments and the regional tournament in Columbus at the end of the season. In order to participate in this program, players must attend their age group's tryout. This program also includes three team training sessions by our trainers at no additional cost. Program cost: $720.00

Regional Volleyball Teams:

These teams participate for a full season and are our most popular program offered for athletes in 5th-11th grade. Practices start the third week in January and will finish in early May. Each team will practice twice a week for an hour and half. Each player must attend their age-groups tryout to be eligible to play. These teams will attend 9 regional-level tournaments that are less than 2 hours from Toledo, which hopefully means no hotel stays are required.  All players are offered the conditioning component in January as well as three team training and skill specific training sessions at no additional cost. Program Cost: $1415.00

Elite Teams:

These teams are for players who are evaluated at their age-group tryout as having the highest skill. Depending on the strength of the team after tryouts, the team will either play at the American or National level. These teams are for girls in 7th-11th grade. Included in the program cost, players will receive 13 play dates, the conditioning component, three team training sessions, and skill specific training at no additional cost. Additionally, elite team members receive a uniform, warm-up and gym bag. Program cost: $2135.00

Early Bird Teams:

Designed for athletes that play spring sports (softball, track, etc) or the school musical, this program provides an unique schedule, allowing players to continue to improve their volleyball skills. Beginning in early December, this season is completed by March 1st. Although the season is much shorter in duration, the teams compete in 6 competitive play dates. Included in this program, team members receive team training sessions at no additional cost. In order to play on an early bird team, players must attend tryouts for their age-group, where teams will be determined. Program cost: $1075.00

Wauseon Satellite:

This program offers regional level teams for athletes in the Wauseon area. Athletes in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will practice at one of the Wauseon local schools. Athletes in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades will practice at The Paragon, which in located at the corner of Albon and Airport, allowing for a more competitive environment. These teams will play on four play dates and all players are encouraged to attend the conditioning component (which will be located at the Paragon) for no additional cost. Program cost: $590.00